Today I'd like to feature a fabulous artist who has been popping up all over the internet lately. Joel Penkman is a native New Zealander now living in Britain. His work caught my eye the first time I saw it and his attention to detail is amazing. I love this recent series celebrating trademark British delicacies as it combines 2 of my favorite things, food and art. He has been gracious enough to take time out and answer a few questions so we can get better acquainted with the man behind the work. 

Where were you born?
The South Island, New Zealand
What would you take if your house were burning down?
If James and Molly were ok, I'd grab our 2 teddy bears and my laptop.

Your favorite book?
Wuthering Heights
If you could have only 1 last meal, what would be on the menu?
That's tricky as I love so many things - probably something creamy.
Do you prefer hot weather or cold?
Hot, because I always feel cold.
Favorite artists?
 Edward Hopper, Richard Estes, Wayne Theibauld, and Andrew Wyeth
Pet Peeve?
Peple telling me what I want (how would they know?), litter and unscrupulous people.

  Best childhood memory?
Nothing comes to mind immediately, but I was always very happy making things from bits of rubbish.
Favorite travel destination?
I'd rather go somewhere new than return to a favorite place because you never know what you're missing out on, but Tokyo was amazing and I loved Morton island, just off the coast by Brisbane, Australia.

Favorite shop?
It's not exactly a shop, but I love going to our local carboot sale. Every week is different and you never know what great thing you'll pick up.
Most visited links?
Design Sponge, The Guardian, BBC iPlayer and does Google count? Google has the answer for everything.
What - to you - is the best thing about being an artist?
There are so many things. I love seeing a painting coming together, I love that there is something to show for my time, I love working for myself and I love making something that can make others happy.

A huge thanks to Joel for his time and for giving us a peek into his creative world. Be sure to check out his fabulous website herand his etsy shop here.