Are you a pinhead?  Do you find yourself  making excuses to check your latest Pinterest notifications to make sure you aren't missing any juicy images or inspiration?  I do not consider myself prone to addictions, as I am fairly laid-back and moderate about most things. I can make a single bag of Nestle toll house chips into dessert for about 5 months. I am going to have to watch myself here, though. I never got into Facebook much, as I consider it more of a necessity for business than an outlet for entertainment or enjoyment (all of those petty status notifications seem very narcissistic and ludicrous) but Pinterest is seriously addictive, especially for the highly visual individual (ME!).  I think it's an absolutely genius invention and I know I am going to have to curb myself so that it doesn't take over TOO big a slice of my time pie.
What about you? Do you love it or what? Follow me here.