photo - Dittepigen on Flickr

If your kitchen is cramped, it can make cooking and cleaning a real chore.  So, if you want to create a more spacious kitchen that really works for you and your family, read on to find out how. 

The illusion of space
If you've got a small kitchen, there are lots of ways you can create the illusion of a more spacious area. Make sure you pick your wall coverings and units in a light color and keep the flooring light as well. Choose reflective splash backs and make sure the lighting is good.
If you have wall units, removing them will make the room seem much more spacious, although this will inevitably, reduce the amount of storage you have. In reality, there are lots of items in the kitchen that we rarely or never use. With some clever planning, it's definitely possible to live with less storage.

Clear the clutter
A well organized kitchen is much easier to use, and if you want to give yourself more space, it's a good idea to clear the clutter. Set aside a day to take everything out of your kitchen cupboards and get rid of the things that you don't need. Have you got a waffle maker you've only used once? Let it go. Has your electric mixer ever seen the light of day? Say goodbye.
When you drag out all of the bits and bobs that have been shoved to the back of the cupboards, you'll be amazed at just how much f it you've never used.


Clever cupboards
One of the main reasons our kitchens get so cluttered is that we make too many purchases. Things gradually get shoved to the back of cupboards where we forget about them, before we end up buying more. There are plenty of cupboard solutions that are ideal for storing kitchen items neatly, and you'll actually be able to get to items easily! Carousel cupboards are ideal for corner spaces and perfect for storing dry goods or herbs and spices. The circular shape means you can fit far more in, and a simple turn will give you easy access to everything you have in store.

Keeping cool
If you want your white goods to take up the minimum floor space, look at the range of 
Littlewoods Beko fridge freezers for some options. They have slimline models with plenty of storage - perfect for slipping into tight spaces and blending into the background.