This time of year, those of us in the northern Hemisphere start giving a bit more thought to making our homes cozy, warm and comfortable as temperatures drop and the nesting instinct kicks in. Bare floors that seemed perfect during the warmer months now seem to cry out for layers and "warming" up. Rug styles and types are as varied as their owner's needs and personalities, but comfort, practicality and adding a dose of something different to liven things up are all elements I look for. I am not typically an "animal" print person, although a touch of zebra has been growing on me lately as I spot this look more and more in some of my favorite interiors. With a trendy piece, I am not looking to make a pricey investment, but rather a soft rug underfoot to add a punch to a room. Like this bold piece to add a focal point to your decor and yet remain a type of neutral element at the same time. What style of rug is your favorite?
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