Happy Wednesday!
I am staying very busy this week and hope things are going well for you. Many originals sold already during my weekend sale, and I am extending it through this weekend (Oct. 14th), so you still have time to check out the pickings and score a deal! I've added some additional watercolor originals, too - it's all HERE.
Just remember to use the code: KEEP15 at checkout to receive your discount.
Here's a little eye candy for the mid-week blahs that features a theme of gorgeous pink.

I am in the mood for a little Fall-ish food....even though it's still in the high 80's here in Florida.
Just picked up some butternut squash and am on the lookout for the arrival of chestnuts and squash seeds soon. I fell for some caramel apples with peanuts, but they were disappointing - a little on the stale side. Anything special you look forward to this time of year?