I recently read an article online (where else?) decrying the proliferance of "hipster" living and listing the items in your home that could either make or break your hipster status . I find this kind of lifestyle/cultural trivia mildly entertaining and so I had to see for myself which furnishings the writer considered "hipster" worthy. The premise of the article was to state that folks are actually becoming more and more homogenized, despite their best attempts to stand apart from the crowd with their style and eclectic tastes. It was actually kind of enlightening. The long and short of it is that I discovered that I am definitely not a hipster at present, but if I could acquire a coveted piece such as, say, a ghost chair which you can view here , my status could be instantly transformed. Actually, I really do like ghost chairs, even if you seem them everywhere now. Another option for aspiring hipsters is to hang decorative antlers, buy an overdyed rug or use skateboards as a wall decoration instead of a means of transportation. Hmmm.....what do you think??  
Any decor elements that scream "hipster" to you or some you'd even like to incorporate for yourself? Do tell!