There are a few furniture staples that most everyone needs and has. Pieces like a bed, desk, dresser, sofa and tables - kitchen tables, dining tables, occasional tables (what does that really mean?) Let's not forget the classic, multi-functional coffee table. It's not just for coffee anymore, folks....I mean this table is a workhorse in the living area. It's good for everything from putting your feet up, to eating in front of the TV, as an impromptu kids art table, displaying, what else but "coffee table" books and a myriad of other functions, depending on how formal or informal your lifestyle may be. I happen to like a piece that is well made, resilient, attractive, not too precious or ornate, yet not lacking style. Something just like this coffee table from Fairway Furniture would do nicely, I think. What is your opinion? How do you like your coffee (tables)??