Ever since I can remember, I have loved the scent of hyacinths. From the days of long Winters growing up in the North, they have represented to me the promise and hope of Spring and warmer weather. The scent triggers a sort of euphoria in my brain and takes me back to those crisp sunny days as a preschooler, tooling around in my windbreaker on a tricycle, stopping to sniff the hyacinths planted in beds along our driveway.
To this day, hyacinths still give me a thrill....even if I am blessed enought to spend my Winters in a sunny subtropical climate now. This is just a snapshot of one I bought at my local store that I have been enjoying thoroughly. I love the way it picked up the color in my "Patchouli Seas" canvas print (available here).
Do you enjoy Spring bulbs in your home? Which flower is your favorite?