Oversized Chinoiserie Ginger Jar (had to pose with this!)

I just returned from a relaxing Winter get-away to Hawaii. After a very hectic beginning to 2013 with a move and lots of crazy work days, I was able to spend a couple of weeks in Honolulu and relish some quality time visiting my boyfriend.

World's best snack (notice the bag is almost empty - a common occurence)

Kiteboarding in Kailua

My gracious host takes me to some terrific eateries - this night it was Italian at Auntie Pasto's
Lots of sun, great food, meaningful conversations, beautiful scenery, good walks, fun smashball matches (we made it to 285 this time!) laughter and rest.

Sandy Beach, Oahu

Just what I needed! My smile says it all.
Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend and the warm, restorative atmosphere of Hawaii, I am now refreshed and ready to get back to work! I hope that all of you have been well and I look forward to catching up with more posts and visits to your blogs soon. Happy 1st of March and have a great weekend.