I don't know about you, but I am a nursery/gardening addict. Something about roaming a round a nursery with the pea gravel crunching under my feet puts me in a great mood. Here in Florida, we have a year-round growing season, but that still doesn't diminish my fervor for planting, even though the thrill of seasonal change might heighten other folks' enjoyment of gardening in colder climes. I have a real weakness for braided or plaited trees and plants.

Bougainvillea is de rigueur here in Florida and I simply cannot get enough of it. Maintenance, schmaintenance. Sometimes beauty requires work!

Standards and......


This place has a particularly good pot selection and I am partial to these deep blue glazed numbers.

Now, as for this creation, I can't say I found it beautiful, but I bet my nephews would love it. Nothing like a gator head half submerged in a forboding-looking black caldron with smoke rising off the surface. Looks like something perfect for a redneck outpost in the Everglades or a Goth-themed residence belonging to a person who sports black nail polish and lipstick.

This espalier style potted plant was right up my alley. Plants with architectural interest. Very cool.

Some more tropical plants and smallish bougainvillea standards with wispy woven trunks.

Loved this gorgeous yellow bloom. Too bad I was remiss and didn't check the name of it!

Tons of orchids - a staple fave of mine. These were very pricey, though and no better than the great picks at Trader Joe's!

I just looked down and spied some color inspiration for a new painting!
Do you get the fever for gardening as Spring approaches?
Have a terrific weekend, all!