My husband and I are in the process of buying a new home, so last Saturday I dragged him out scouting for some pieces for the new place. He was very patient and we shared some good laughs as we meandered through some shops looking for "unique" pieces. Unique we did find.  There was the good, the bad and the ugly.  Unfortunately, we saw more ugly than we did good, and didn't come away with any treasures, but it was entertaining at the least. These Staffordshire pieces above were good finds, but I wasn't exactly in the market for them.

We both liked these bamboo nesting tables and I'm debating picking these up later on if they haven't been snagged.

There were plenty of tacky and musty items, this being one of them.

Then there was the the Liberace bedroom set.  The gaudy motif/style reminded me of  those old carousels at amusement parks. Apparently, some lucky person had already laid claim to it. Go figure!

The hunt continues and at least my curiosity was satisfied. I realized that I am not really missing anything at my local consignment/antique shops. I have my eye on some new, unused items and we will see how it all comes together!
Have a great weekend!!