Hello Everybody!
I have emerged from my work cave to bring you an update. I am sure you haven't exactly been on tenterhooks, waking up wondering when I am going to post again, but I do feel remiss for having neglected posting lately to get other things done. I just love this room and it's relaxed cottage style. Those lampshades are calling out to me as I attempt my own lampshade customization project. That is just one in a long line of projects I am trying to pull together to inject our new place with some life, color and personality. I am attempting to convert our new home from the most generic, pablum, blah, lack of personality/color interior that you could possibly imagine to something eclectic,  interesting, comfortable and unique. I will post some before/after photos in the near future. IN the meantime, I will be posting sporadically and send you all my best. Thanks for reading and have a terrific day!