I saw this great collection on Absolutely Beautiful Things a while back.

This is a pattern by Daher of Long Island that was made in England. My mom had several like these when I was a little scrapper in the 70's. These are from a vintage etsy shop here.

Here is another in the same pattern, but an unusual shape I have never seen before. This is available on etsy from this dealer.

I love the pattern on this tray, reminiscent of my childhood and available here.

and for those of you who are blue & white fans, here's another great piece.
Have you ever heard of Daher?  What kind of vintage items appeal to you? 


I want to thank the fabulous Australian designer/blogger Anna Spiro for featuring a post that included photos of my "Anna Spiro" chair original gouache painting I did for her a couple of years ago.  It was exciting to see it hanging in a great grouping in her new home.  Most of you already know of Anna, but she was one of the very first bloggers to feature my work 4 years ago and has been a great blogging friend and support to me over the past few years since I started my own blog. A print of her now famous gilt striped chair is available in my shop. Catch her post here at Absolutely Beautiful Things
Thank you, Anna!!


It is always an honor to spot my work somewhere when I least expect it. Recently, blogger friend and fabulous Australian designer Anna Spiro decorated the models for a very chic housing development in Brisbane, Australia. The interiors are clean, contemporary and youthful, with Anna's trademark bursts of color and art/book vignettes. I spotted one of my chair silhouettes on the second shelf, far left. Anna is quite a star on the design scene, so it's an honor to ride her coat tails into some fabulous spaces - she has been incredibly kind and supportive from my first introduction into blogland, so thank you, Anna! Check out her post on the project here


Ok, this is where it all starts. There's something about a gated entrance that ramps up the anticipation of entering someone's home.

Anna Spiro's charming living area

I am wild about these black and white striped awnings that she has chosen to cap all her windows with.

The white tole chandelier is a lovely touch, don't you agree?

A nice variation a matching dining set adds a great deal of warmth

This is one of my all-time favorite wallpaper patterns, by Manuel Canovas. This color is amazing!

Another of the perfectly charming little vignettes Anna is so talented at putting together.

Another feature I am loving, this Carrera marble-topped kitchen island with pink slipcovered stools.

View into the sitting area from the dining room

I think this is a very clever and unusual version of a bathroom vanity - very cottagey.

This post is a completely unabashed rip-off of Anna Spiro's post on her beautifully renovated home in Brisbane, Australia. Most of you have probably already seen this, but I was so taken with what she's done, that I quickly saved all the photos from her post so I could digest them at my leisure and save them for my inspiration file. The white painted floors, the awnings, all the white with pops of bright color, I could go on and on. I have long admired Anna's style, in both her home and her shop and am privileged to call her a friend through blogging. She is incredibly talented and the kind of person I would trust wholeheartedly to design a home for me. I don't think I've ever seen a single design she's put together that I wouldn't love living in or with. You can see her entire post here on her juicy, drool-worthy design blog, Absolutely Beautiful Things. Anna has one of the most popular design blogs worldwide and I am sure if you haven't already discovered her work and blog, you will thoroughly enjoy following it.


These photos were sent to me by Anna Spiro of Absolutely Beautiful Things. They are of her gorgeous shop and design firm in Brisbane, Australia. Here she framed 2 of my prints, Ikat Chair and Courtney Barnes Chair. Anna's trademark is classic style mixed with lively color and I think she couldn't have chosen a lovelier way to frame these!

These two prints are now in Kate Conroy's Manhattan home. I really like the gold bamboo frames she chose.

When you put a lot of time into creating something, you can't help but be interested in what happens once it leaves your hands and ends up in it's new home. It's always fun for me to see the photos that my wonderful customers/clients send me of my work hanging in their homes (and, in the case of the top photos, their shop). It's very fulfilling to see them put their own personal stamp on my work with their framing choices and make it a part of their environment. I feel so grateful to not only be able to do something I love, but also that I get the opportunity to meet such exceptionally nice people via my blog and Etsy site. Just a reminder that I SO appreciate the support of all of you - readers, clients and fellow bloggers. You never fail to brighten my day! I hope everyone has an especially nice weekend and I will see you back here on Monday.


Just wanted to express my appreciation for one of my favorite people in the design blogosphere, Anna Spiro, of Absolutely Beautiful Things. Anna has recently started a series that runs Thursdays on her blog. It's called "Absolutely Favorite Things". I was honored to be featured today with a snapshot of my favorite things (excuse my horrible photography - I give a whole new meaning to the term" washed-out"!). Australian Anna has achieved cult status in the blogging world with her great taste, inimitable style and eye for beauty. She is also a real sweetheart! Don't know about you, but I love Australians - I have met so many exceptionally nice and talented people from down under and am dying to go there and visit. Thank you, Anna!!


Anna's shop
A sampling of her beautiful and colorful displays

Anna's blog

Special thanks again to Anna Spiro of the very popular blog Absolutely Beautiful Things for her mention and for featuring a photo from my house yesterday. She also featured a painting from Liza Hirst, an amazing artist and friend of mine living and working in Southern France. Anna's blog has grown to a huge worldwide readership in just a little over a year. She is a young designer based in Brisbane, Australia with a terrific eye and design sense. She runs her own shop and design firm and I hope to visit her one day and get to meet her in person. Thanks, Anna!! Here's a link to the post.