I felt privileged to get the opportunity to paint this beautiful St. John's Cathedral in Brisbane, Australia when a client commissioned this portrait of her wedding party on her special day.  The bride was as stunning as the cathedral and the happy couple now have a special keepsake to remember their special day and the loved ones who were there to support them. 
To commission a similar keepsake, feel free to contact me here for details.


I'd like to say a huge congratulations to my blogger friend/colleague/customer Elizabeth who has just celebrated her 100th post and has a darling home in Australia that she shares with her little daughter Alice (who made the charming Christmas garland above). She created Squeak &Squirrel and has a great eye and creative touch for decor and much more. It was fun to see one of my "Flamingo" giclee prints she had propped on her mantel. Please stop by and follow her HERE if you get the chance!
Have a festive weekend!


I want to introduce to you the lovely and talented Australian artist and blogger, Kerri Shipp.
I met Kerri online via blogging and asked if she'd like to share with us her creative space, work and a bit about herself. She graciously obliged and took time out of her busy creative life to be featured here.

Where were you born?

I was born in Sydney, Australia, and lived there until I was 22. The day after my husband and I were married, we packed up our campervan with all our worldy possessions and moved to Brisbane, Queensland. We’ve been here for the past 21 years and absolutely love it!

What would you take if your house was burning down?

Besides my family of course, without a doubt it would be my gorgeous Labrador, Darcy, and our bird, Storm. Besides a few pieces of my grandmother’s jewellery, which mean the world to me, everything else can be replaced.

        Your favorite book?

That’s such a hard one for me, as I’ve always been an avid reader. From the age of five, my mother used to buy me Enid Blyton books, and I’d lose myself in the characters for hours. I do love ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, but choosing a favourite book would be like asking me to choose a favourite child!

If you could have only 1 last meal, what would you want on the menu?

Living in Queensland means we have access to fantastic seafood, so I’d say a banquet of fresh prawns, lobster and reef fish, followed by crème brulee for dessert. Divine.

Do you prefer hot weather or cold?

Definitely hot weather – summer can’t come soon enough for me.

Favorite artists?

Another really hard question to answer! I love Claude Monet’s use of colour, and I love Australian artist Ben Quilty’s unique style. Again, there are so many fabulous artists out there, and each one is so individual with such an array of talents. You only have to browse through Etsy to realise that the world is full of very talented people.

Pet peeve?

Injustice, and ignorance.

Best childhood memory?

Summer holidays. No school for six whole weeks, lots of trips to the beach and hanging out with friends. I went to school with the most fantastic group of girls, and we’re still friends all these years later. I’ve come to realise how lucky I am to have such wonderful friendships.

Favorite travel destination?

Whitehaven beach is in the Great Barrier Reef in North Queensland, and would have to be the most beautiful place on earth. Crystal clear water, the whitest sand imaginable, all set on an island in the middle of the reef. Stunning.

Favorite shop?

Again, such a hard one! In Queensland we have some amazing designers, and I have to say I love visiting Anna Spiro’s stunning shop, Black and Spiro. Lily-G and Magnolia Interiors are also favourites, as is Signature on Hastings in Noosa.

Kerri is featuring a great give-away until November 10th on her blog and also 20% off sale at her Etsy shop, Driftwood Interiors until December 21st, so head over to check them both out now and let her know you read about her on Annechovie.
Thanks so much, Kerri!


Anna's shop
A sampling of her beautiful and colorful displays

Anna's blog

Special thanks again to Anna Spiro of the very popular blog Absolutely Beautiful Things for her mention and for featuring a photo from my house yesterday. She also featured a painting from Liza Hirst, an amazing artist and friend of mine living and working in Southern France. Anna's blog has grown to a huge worldwide readership in just a little over a year. She is a young designer based in Brisbane, Australia with a terrific eye and design sense. She runs her own shop and design firm and I hope to visit her one day and get to meet her in person. Thanks, Anna!! Here's a link to the post.


Whiteport is an Australian based home furnishings website offering beautiful, quality home decor, accessories and gifts "themed around a stylish white palette". Jennifer McCabe started the company in 2007 after returning home to Australia following a 6 year stint in London. She wanted to create an online business that would offer people, even in remote areas, options for great design and quality delivered right to their door! Jennifer lives with her husband and dog, Scout, in a beach house on Sydney's northern beaches. The lovely photos of her products were all shot there and I am certain you would enjoy taking a look at her website. The pieces she offers are perfect for creating a tranquil, all-white decor or equally as great for a clean contrast with bold swatches of color. Click on this link to check out the website here.


One of the best things about not only being a blogger, but an artist, is all the great people I get to "meet". Be they in person or on the web, this is definitely a huge benefit that I really wasn't expecting. I'm seeing more than ever that there's a reason they call it "the world-wide web"as it unites people with common interests from all over the world and provides such a rich opportunity to exchange ideas and information. I wish to thank Belinda Graham, an Australian writer, who writes for Real Living Magazine and is also their web editor. I ran across her blog, Renovate and Decorate, for the first time this week and was intrigued by her home and her adorable little baby. Thanks for the mention on your blog today, Belinda. Pop on over to Renovate and Decorate and check it out!