I know it's been a trend for a while now, but beach photography in decor is something I never get bored with. Just like being at the beach, its' appeal doesn't wane with me. This piece is from London-based Etsy artist/photographer Keri Bevan and is a steal. Check out some of her other prints also, like this beautiful Paris rooftop scene - timeless and chic!

It just makes me happy to look at her work.
All here.
Here's hoping you enjoy your weekend!


How dreamy does this look? This is the latest development by the Kor Group in Anguilla, West Indies. It looks to me like this would be the perfect setting for soul-restoring getaways in a tropical paradise. The view alone makes you want to sigh. Here's what the Kor Group has to say about their island outpost.
"Situated on 35 lush acres, with 3,200 feet of beachfront land along Barnes and Meads Bays, Viceroy Anguilla’s real estate offering features 140 contemporary beachfront and blufftop villas, sophisticated townhomes and opulent resort residences with an exclusive 45 ownership opportunities available in the final release. Anguilla has an unmistakable sense of place where owners will revel in utter privacy, yet enjoy unlimited access to the resort’s myriad pleasures synonymous with the Viceroy brand. Boasting contemporary architecture juxtaposed with organic materials, the villa exteriors are clean and modern with straight, simple forms".

Sounds modern, hip, and luxurious to me! To top off the gorgeous setting, the residences were designed by "IT" designer Kelly Wearstler (who, as most of you know, happens to be married to Brad Korzen, president of the Kor group). She used organic materials and textures, such as wood, stone, metals, rattan and rope to stunning effect. She said she was inspired by the tropical setting and it looks to me like she translated it very successfully, while leaving the stamp of her trademark style on all of the 140 fully furnished residences.

Some of the unique luxury features include, premium appliances, central air, fabulous gourmet kitchens, master baths featuring soaking tubs and separate indoor and private outdoor showers, high ceilings, state-of-the-art electronics and technologies, amazing beach and ocean views, and, my favorite, heated plunge pools! While, presently, I don't possess the funds for such a purchase (not even close!) part of what defines an artist is having dreams, right? Dreaming about relaxing on that terrace is what I'm doing right now........

For more information, check out the Viceroy Anguilla website.


A feathery Australian Pine hanging over the bay - I can't believe how beautiful the water is..... It's been so fun learning all the names of the trees and plants here. So many interesting and gorgeous varieties!

Another depressing weekend in Florida with gloomy weather.....

Yes, yes, I know. I promise I am not trying to make anyone jealous. No, my life is hardly perfect and the weather here is not always sunny. Sometimes, even here in paradise, it gets stormy and things can be stressful. I don't take pictures when the skies are dark, tears are falling and I'm stressed with work and covered in paint (although that may be coming...stay tuned) However, I do believe in looking on the bright side and being thankful not only for the things that are going right, but also for the things that are difficult and painful, because even those trials can bring about good things. I am learning that acceptance, faith and gratitude are keys to peace. They make the disappointments and pain in life bearable and the sweet moments in life even that much sweeter. (Romans 8:28)

This weekend I had occasion to enjoy one of those happy times, taking some time out to celebrate a very special event in my family, my beloved baby sister's engagement! Lis is my spunky, adorable, funny, vivacious, smart, beautiful, sweet and energetic only sister. I am very protective of her (typical older sister) and it thrills me to see her so happy and contented. My new brother-to-be is a terrific guy who has proven, over time, to be such a consistent blessing, not only to my sister, but to our entire family. He is kind, reliable, honest, respectful, gentle, generous and loving. A man of integrity, a true rarity these days. They are so well suited to each other and bring out the best in one another, just as it should be. I am so happy for both of them and wish them a loving, peaceful and fulfilling life together. Congratulations - I love you guys!!