"Some people thought that perhaps Frances had taken the Ikat trend a bit too far...."

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As much as I love art, design and decoration are very close, if not equal, contenders for my passions. After all - what is design anyway -but art applied to function? For as long as I can remember, I have loved to pore over design and shelter magazines, examining every detail, trying to absorb all the elements of the rooms. I was probably the only teenager ever who looked forward to Dee Hardie's column in House Beautiful. Sister Parish was a hero. I even had my own file of decorating tear sheets, the way most teens collect posters on their walls. Yes, I was and AM a decorating nerd. So this original illustration is dedicated to all of my designer friends and design blogging buddies. Those people who are insanely into decoration and cannot wait for their issue of House Beautiful, Southern Accents, Veranda or Elle Decor to arrive so they can be the first to post the choicest photos on their blog!