I was lucky to receive this adorable Angela Adams design fragrant soy candle from Crash Candles in the mail.
There are a myriad of great designs and scents available and they are all eco-friendly and make a great accessory to brighten up your space or give as a gift!  Check out all the great options from several hip designers here.
Have a wonderful first weekend of November!


These beautiful antique chairs were restored and recovered by Molly Worth of Chairloom in my favorite Rubie Green fabric, West Village. (photo courtesy of Chairloom)

"West Village" designed by Michelle Adams for her company, Rubie Green

(Image courtesy of Domino magazine)
Congratulations to Michelle Adams, creator of Rubie Green, an eco-friendly textile company that features colorful, graphic and beautiful options for furnishing your home or office. Michelle was featured in this month's issue of Domino. Michelle is a young entrepeneur who is also a former Domino employee and has already established Rubie Green as one of the top "green" textile companies in it's relatively short existence. She sells directly to the public, as well as the trade, which is rare for a high-end fabric designer.

Michelle amazes me - she's only 25 and is a blogger, designer, and business woman (check out her blog, MA Belle). Besides being extremely talented and business-savvy, Michelle is a great person! Before I had even met Michelle, she was already recommending me to a potential client, who ended up working with me on a logo design. I want to thank her and also wish her and Rubie Green all continued success as she launches her new website this month.


Chairloom is the Philadelphia-based business and "green" brainchild of Molly Worth that rehabs antique and vintage furniture. Molly commissioned this logo from me that was inspired by a photo of her great grandmother standing beside a chair. Molly liked the concept of melding the old with the new and hip. In the antique photo of her great-grandmother, she is standing beside an ornate Victorian chair, so Molly decided it would be perfect to keep the same concept, yet juxtapose the Victorian feel with one of the more modern pieces she re-habbed. The chair this is painted from is on her site. It's covered in a vibrant red and white Virginia Johnson fabric.

(Click on to enlarge)
Here, for her home page, Molly had the clever idea to place the logo next to a photo of herself and one of her works of "chair" art that was featured in the New York Times.

It's fun to go to Molly's site and look at many of the unique pieces she has transformed. She has a distinct gift for taking the best of the old and making it "live" in the present with new finishes and vibrant fabrics that are both eco-friendly and hip.
In the near future, I will be featuring Molly in another installment of my "Artist's Portrait" Series. She is a true artist with furniture!


How's this for a multi-functional, green and cheap form of transportation?? I am out and about today with some work-related errands and an art field trip, so I hope you have a SPLENDID Monday and I will check back with you soon!


A window from Hermes - Boston
This is a photo I snapped (sorry for the glare) of a street-facing window at Hermes in Boston. I thought the night table and tall lamp were ingenious! Besides being that wonderful trademark shade of Hermes orange, they are so cleverly constructed, entirely of Hermes boxes! Talk about resourceful! While these pieces might not stand up to a lot of wear and tear, they make wonderful pieces of art. I would've loved to have been there to take them home when they switched out the windows. Next time I may just consider cardboard when I look to create something......