I hope that everyone had a good weekend! Happy first day of Summer (for you readers in the Northern Hemisphere) The temperatures here in Florida have been in the 90's for weeks now, so I haven't exactly been hanging on tenterhooks for the start of Summer. On a side note, the mayor of Detroit has declared today "Ernie Harwell Day" in honor of my Grandpa, so here's to you, Grandpa! I am pretty sure that heaven doesn't have a need for Google Reader - you have much more exciting things going on in your new home.........

I don't know about you, but for me, with all going on in the world around us, this "Keep Calm" slogan seems to become more appropriate with every passing day. Just a reminder that my version of the Keep Calm design is available on coffee mugs now. Sometimes it's a great motto to go with your morning coffee or tea, especially on a Monday morning.
These two, plus more colors are available via my Zazzle site.