Eat this! (I eat a few teaspoons at a time - deluxe and delish, trust me)

At the risk of sounding cynical, I just wondered if anyone else gets a little weary of hearing about goals and self-help books? What would you think if someone started out their new year by declaring that they really weren't going to try and follow any New Years resolutions? That they were just going to be a realist after years of living and recognize that, despite the best laid plans, life happens and there's a certain wisdom AND SMUG SATISFACTION in ignoring self-help books and resigning one's self to making the best of actuality and being thankful for what IS, at the present.  You can shoot for the stars, but much more is at stake in life than living the American dream, reaching all of your goals or doing it "for me".  Somehow all of that "me" ambition is sounding more and more hollow as I witness people running around like chickens with their heads cut off, pumping themselves up by repeating pep talks to themselves in the mirror and telling themselves that whatever they dream, they can make happen, while they get more miserable and frustrated by the day. I've seen some of the most ambitious and ruthless people who have striven night and day, to the point of being sick, to realize their ambitions. They actually sold their souls to make their dreams happen and are now sitting atop a heap of ashes compiled of their incinerated relationships, demolished careers, decayed reputations and shipwrecked integrity.
Now, I am certainly NOT espousing the virtues of stagnation, laziness or being undisciplined, but what ever happened to contentment, peace, self-sacrifice and living for a cause greater than yourself?  I am not sure, but I definitely know I don't want to make 2012 a "ME" year. I want to make it a be thankful, be kind, don't whine and don't obsess year.  I want to enjoy loving and serving the people God has placed in my life, doing everything to the best of my ability and enjoying all that I DO have, instead of comparing myself to others or striving for a pot of gold somewhere.
This includes savoring all of the small pleasures in life and eating a little high-fat ice cream here and there.  Here are just a few of the little everyday, seemingly insignificant things that have really been making my life easier lately.
What are some of the little things that make your everyday life a little better, easier or more enjoyable?

This stuff is amazing.....I was visiting my boyfriend in Chicago and my wimpy Florida girl-who-lives-in-a-perpetual-humid-cloud lips were majorly chapped, peeling and tight.  My problems were totally solved within 1 day of applying this!

Buying the equal of a propane tank of tropical smelling and silkiness-producing shampoo/conditioner from Costco (this should last me until I check into a retirement home!)

Wet Ones wipes with the NEW citrus scent 
(smells just like Tommy Bahama's tropical candles! Keeps this germaphobe happy and healthy when coming in contact with gas pumps, door handles and anything nasty) 

Yes, this is a scrunchie and a neon version at that.  What can I say? Growing up in the 80's and 90's
didn't leave me entirely unscathed fashion-wise and these make pulling my wet hair back so simple and damage free. American Apparel makes the best versions, I think. Enough gripping power to hold my thick hair taut.

**P.S. I have not been compensated in ANY way for mentioning these products in my rant, but I am not above accepting gifts from any of the makers, should you feel so inclined. 

Hope you have a terrific weekend!!