Hibiscus blossom, a new shell & coral I received for Christmas

Hi All! Things have been nuts around here since Christmas. I am getting ready to move at the end of the month, but here's a little look into some bright spots during the last few weeks. Little things that brighten up my days.....

I found an excuse for when I am running behind

A very non-traditional Christmas dinner (lobster, mashed potatoes and blue cheese cole slaw)

This dude was trying to make a last-minute escape before he turned into Christmas dinner

Portugese soap for my bathroom - love it!

It's amazing how delicious Pad Thai can give you an energy infusion when you have to keep going with loads of work!

Cannot wait to get started on some of these recipes once I get moved and things get more sane!
I apologize to my faithful readers for being slow to respond with comments lately. Trying to keep my head above water and will be back in the loop soon. 

I hope that you have a terrific weekend and get to enjoy some of the little "uppers" in your life. 
See you next week!