As I mentioned, I am getting ready to move in the next couple of weeks and with a move comes re-organization and thoughts about what I'd like to do differently at my next abode. Moving is always a fresh start and always motivates me to pare down, edit and maybe add a piece or 2 as I am throwing out the old.
Fortunately, here in Florida, outdoor living is a year-round reality and I feel blessed that I don't have to wait until Spring to think about enjoying the beautiful weather. The problem sometimes is finding outdoor furniture that is both comfortable and practical for withstanding the weather and moisture, etc.
I like the idea of a "living room alfresco" type set-up where there aren't sharp edges, hard seats, or a mesh pattern that gets imprinted on your backside if you spend more than 10 minutes lounging in a chair!
What do you think of this all-weather rattan sofa option? I dig the thick cushion and the ample arms.
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