If you are a fan of the sadly defunct Domino magazine or have traces of inspiration from Domino alive and well in your own home, why don't you enter the The Domino Inspired My Home Contest on We Love Domino? Up until 11:59 EST on March 15th, you can submit pictures of your home, (either a whole room, or a vignette (a slice of a room). Your entry will be posted on We Love Domino. Finalists will be chosen by judges and then the readers of We Love Domino will vote. Winners will be announced on Monday, March 23rd!

There are some pretty cool prizes being offered, including: The Domino Book of Decorating, Simon Doonan's "Eccentric Glamour", Ty Pennington's "Good Design Can Change Your Life", the book "Sheetrock and Shellac", and a selection of gift cards to Goodwill (or their favorite local thrift store). There will be 6 total winners because there are two categories--Whole Room and Vignette--and three winners within each category, so your odds are definitely not bad at all! What's stopping you from having your entry posted? Go for it!!


The march issue of Domino - the last issue.

I just wanted to thank Katie Mulinix, a talented writer, who featured a guest post by me last week on her blog We LOVE Domino. Katie is a former Apartment Therapy blogger and created We Love Domino. She wanted to bring together readers and admirers from the blog community and beyond to show support and re-live our favorite features, photos and inspirations from the now (sadly) defunct interiors and style guide. She is featuring posts by many of your favorite design bloggers, so be sure and check it out. Thanks, Kate!


The first time I can recall seeing this uncommonly likeable actress with the standout name, Zooey Deschanel, was in the slapstick Christmas flick "Elf". There she had her famous shower rendition of "Baby It's Cold Outside". Well, now she is sporting brunette locks and going strong on multiple fronts. Her home is featured in the most current issue of Domino, which appears on newsstands tomorrow. You can see some out-takes of the photo shoot online here.


Artist, designer and entrepreneur Sunny Goode

Sunny's stylish monograms are made with a flat finish, so they have the look of something painted on the wall rather than a slick decal. They feature a water-based adhesive, for simple and easy removal. A very practical and economical alternative to a custom decorative paint job.

Sunny's beautiful work was featured this month in Domino in the sunny, pastel home of Richmond, VA art dealer Katie Ukrop. Look at the wonderful floor she stenciled!
(Click for larger image)

Sunny's charming shop in Richmond, VA

A couple of years ago I read about Sunny Goode, a talented artist and painter based in Richmond, Virginia - a pretty stylish town. I was immediately entranced by her beautiful colors, stylish stencils and motivating photos. Sunny started Sunny's Good Time Paints in 2001 and now has a shop, a website, and materials available in select shops nationwide. She has authored two how-to books chock-full of inventive design ideas; "Paint Can!" and "Paint Can Children's Rooms". My memory was jogged when I saw her work featured in the August issue of Domino, so I decided to visit her website again and see what was new.

Let's face it, for the most part, faux painting has already experienced it's heyday and much of it now is associated with bad memories of pseudo-Tuscan washes and poorly-executed sponge jobs. I should know - I have seen more than a few people cringe when I tell them that, besides being an artist, I also do decorative (and even a little faux) painting. People used to have the same reaction to the word "wallpaper" being used!! However, wallpaper is now quite in vogue again and I am convinced that Sunny Goode could single-handedly bring about a similar revival for faux finishing.
I promise her style does NOT even remotely resemble an Olive Garden interior. She manages to elevate the much-maligned wash or stencil to a level of distinct style. Her concoctions are a far cry from anything boring or tired. Her website is overflowing with eye candy, helpful tips, tutorials, great rooms and tons of inspiration. Not just for walls either! I think her floor designs and stencils are equally exciting. Sunny's Goodtime Paint colors are outstanding and a refreshing departure from the generic, boring shades and combos that are often associated with decorative and faux painting. All of her products are water-based which is an added, earth-friendly bonus that won't leave you gasping from fumes. You can order the supplies straight from the website, or find a local stockist near you. She offers glazes, color washes, stencils, supplies, removable monograms and her books. I guarantee that a visit to her website will inspire you and have you wondering whether perhaps you should get the Palm Beach Pink and pair it with a Cappuccino accent or try something even more daring? Trust me, you will want to put on some gloves, choose a stencil and get workin' on your own masterpiece - pronto!!

(All photos courtesy of Sunny's Goodtime Paints website.)


I wanted to thank my friend, Katherine Lee, of the great new design blog, URBAN FLEA, for doing a feature post on my work last week. Katherine is a great person with an eye for beautiful things and hip trends. She is certainly no snob and cares nothing for provenance, believing that great design trumps pedigree every time! She has a leg up on the rest of us as she is on staff at the happening design mag, Domino, and gets first dibs on a lot of inside info. Here is what she says about her blog-"I'm on a relentless quest to fuse the best of high and low design, bringing a global urban flea market mash-up to the masses."

So, I think it would behoove you to hop over to URBAN FLEA immediately and check out her latest post! Mucho gracias, Katherine!!


My painting of the room Ashley Whittaker designed
Gouache on Arches 8x10

Ashley's beautiful design in Southampton

Here is a commission I recently completed for New York designer Ashley Whittaker. Ashley is a very talented designer who was named in the Domino 10 last year. Domino magazine chooses the top 10 up and coming designers and Ashley has more than established herself in that position with her stellar work. She is a former protege of prominent interior designer Markham Roberts and I know that we will only be seeing more and more of her work in leading design publications in the coming days. She is a delight to work with and I was honored that she chose me to immortalize this scene in one of her projects in Southampton, NY. Her work is featured in the current February 2008 edition of House Beautiful. Jennifer Dwyer of Peak of Chic has featured her in a post today, so please check it out. As always, Peak of Chic offers gorgeous photos and fascinating text to accompany them.


The brilliant design writer, Courtney Barnes and her chair that I painted - the centerpiece of her blog banner I designed.

LA decorator and Style Queen Ruthie Sommers

A pair of delightful chairs Ruthie re-habbed with a delightful Palm Beach look to them

Thanks to Courtney Barnes of StyleCourt for the mention as guest blogger this week on Design*Sponge. DesignSponge* is a top design blog with pioneer design blogger Grace Bonney at the helm. A daily must-read for me, chock-full of everything a design buff like me thrives on! Stylecourt is also, as you may already know, one of my faves. As usual, the ever-knowledgeable Courtney is going above and beyond with her contributions this week. Today's post featured the great LA decorator Ruthie Sommers and her penchant for rehabbing furniture in her trademark amazing way. Remember that cheesy makeover show, "The Swan" from a couple of years ago? Ruthie's work is to furniture what those plastic surgeons' work was to patients. Similarly jaw-dropping. You will be amazed at what can be done with these "diamond in the rough" pieces she picks up and transforms. She should be dubbed "The Princess of Potential"! Ok, it's obvious I'm a big fan. So, I was doubly pleased to be mentioned on the same page with one of my style heroes. Thank you Courtney and Grace! Be sure to check out both Design*Sponge and Design*Sponge Guest Blog if you haven't already!

All images courtesy of Design*Sponge


I just wanted to thank Courtney Barnes of StyleCourt for her post today on my work appearing on Domino online. The actual chair in the painting is Courtney's own. She commissioned me to paint it last Summer and it also serves as the icon on her blog banner that I designed. It's been one of my most popular paintings and is now featured on note cards and greeting cards as well as a print. Thank you, Courtney, for all your support.