Charming outdoor tented pavilion (via Domino - photo by Deborah Jaffe)

Houston designer Katie Stassi's backyard

The Angler's Boutique Hotel - Miami- cool pool area

ZGallerie's Veranda Pavilion

Ok, this certainly qualifies as blog "plagiarism", but I can't help it! I just saw the coolest outdoor cabana on Erin's blog. It's a perfect little backyard haven for shade and dining. It could easily "make" your outdoor area, adding instant class, style, shelter and OOMPH! I have a serious thing for awnings and tents (especially with scalloped edges) and seeing this led me on a trail to find more beautiful tented outdoor spaces. One of these could turn a backyard pool area into your own little Palm Beach or Palm Springs style resort. For as much as I love spending time outside and by the pool, something like this would be excellent. It's just so adorable, it's heartbreaking. The Veranda Pavilion is a more budget-friendly option that you can just purchase and set up for instant backyard pizazz! It comes in 3 color choices for the trim. I'd love green! It's available online at ZGallerie.


I was tagged by Erin Gates at Elements of Style to participate in a little blogger game of "6 quirky things about me". Now, there are WAAAAY more than 6 quirky things about me, but I will have to limit myself.

1) I use a kid's toothbrush because of the great "turning radius" (I have much too small a mouth to navigate an adult size toothbrush effectively)

2) I prefer savory to sweet flavors and would rather end a meal eating some pepperoncinis than with dessert.

3) I only sleep on the right side of my queen size bed and I don't stretch out, even though I have the whole bed to myself!

4) I get motion sick if I read in a car.

5) I always dry my feet, one by one, when getting out of the shower. Don't know why I even have a bath mat???

6) I love the theme music from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood!

Hope all of you have an OUSTANDING Spring weekend!