We both love French bistro chairs and picked these up for our kitchen

Part of last weekend was spent perusing some stores for furniture and interesting pieces to furnish our home.
Fortunately for me, I am blessed with a patient husband who also happens to be on the same page with me, as well as having a great eye himself. Our only major difference is his love for leather furniture (which seems to be a part of the American male's DNA). I get it that leather is practical and generally pretty comfortable, however, it is also furnishing the homes of 90% of the population and being a non-conformist, I resist capitulation and going with the crowd.

Of course I couldn't resist snapping a pic of this oversized ginger jar!

Love this table and the color of these vases. The Chinoiserie bamboo chairs are beautiful, too.

The color of these walls is so soothing. Hmmmm....

I am majorly attracted to oval shapes, especially tables.
We're headed to Dallas this weekend to visit family, so furniture hunting will have to wait.
 Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you back here next week!


Casual dining, breakast bars and kitchen islands are increasing in popularity all of the time to accomodate busy lifestyles and smaller spaces. With these trends follows a need for seating and bar stools are a great solution.  There are a myriad of styles, colors and materials available. Something for everyone!  Leather is a practical and comfortable option, especially for eating areas.  A pop of color as an accent is a way to enliven a neutral or all white space and I think that these green stools would look fresh and lively in an all-white, contemporary kitchen setting. With plump "ribs"" this stool looks extremely comfortable and would add a dose of "hip" to your space. Which type of stool suits your style?


There are a few furniture staples that most everyone needs and has. Pieces like a bed, desk, dresser, sofa and tables - kitchen tables, dining tables, occasional tables (what does that really mean?) Let's not forget the classic, multi-functional coffee table. It's not just for coffee anymore, folks....I mean this table is a workhorse in the living area. It's good for everything from putting your feet up, to eating in front of the TV, as an impromptu kids art table, displaying, what else but "coffee table" books and a myriad of other functions, depending on how formal or informal your lifestyle may be. I happen to like a piece that is well made, resilient, attractive, not too precious or ornate, yet not lacking style. Something just like this coffee table from Fairway Furniture would do nicely, I think. What is your opinion? How do you like your coffee (tables)??


Be sure to check Annechovie sponsor C. Bell of Palm Beach for the latest in classy and eclectic furnishings for your home!  Perhaps you need a piece to add a little extra sparkle in your home for Holiday guests?
They are always getting new items in and it's a great idea to check in often HERE so you don't miss a thing!